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Ludwig endorsement

Hi guys, just a quick little update to let you know that I've just signed to Ludwig Australia as an official artist! I'm so happy to be a part of the family and play these amazing drums. These drums are responsible for so many iconic recordings and performances, I'm looking forward to using them as my musicaI voice for a long time!

I have just received my custom order of Classic Maple drums, here they are.

Colour: Pure White Glass Glitter

10" x 8" Rack tom

12" x 9" Rack tom

16" x 14" Floor tom

20" x 18" kick drum

14" x 5" snare drum

(all toms are fitted with the new Atlas mounting system)

I also picked up a set of the nice new Questlove Breakbeats series drums. I'll be using these predominatly for very small gigs and busking etc. I'm pleasantly surprised by the quality of these little fellas, very good value for a compact set of drums!

Here is a shot of the Breakbeats kit (with some trashy pots and pans) setup in the practice room.

Colour: Azure Sparkle

10" x 7" Rack tom

13" x 13" Floor tom

16" x 14" Bass drum

14" x 5" Snare drum

These will be getting a lot of use in times to come!

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